Heavenly Grounds: Cabin Home Tour in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

About 6 years ago, my family and I sold everything we owned, including our 5-bedroom home in the Metro Atlanta area, and built a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. It was a dream for us. We had vacationed in Blue Ridge for several years prior. It was our happy place. But to actually live there was a HUGE lifestyle change for us all. I mean, we built a cabin… in the mountains!!!! It was hand crafted with such care and detail. Upon completion, I couldn’t WAIT to furnish every square inch!!! I had a TON of ideas, but I was a stay-at-home-mom, and we were limited to one salary. There was no way I could afford the purchases necessary to accent the gravity of this house. The walls were custom. The fireplace, showers, floors, and cabinets were handmade!!! I could not obstruct its beauty with cheap décor. The only alternative was to birth the ideas I had in my brain with my own hands. And that is what we did. It took almost 3 years to do it, but just about every room was embellished with colors, textures, wall hangings, and ideas that came straight from the heart. It was my goal that my family and our visitors would be submerged with a spirit of love, joy and peace each time they entered. We enjoyed countless good times, memories, laughs, and best of all, we were able to share them with our friends and family during our many gatherings. Our “forever” plans were recently interrupted by a job transfer for my husband and college endeavor for my son. We have successfully relocated to the Phoenix area. For several reasons, this was a bitter/sweet move. However, the sweet has been a full-circle kind of sweet. For the past several months, our home has become a vacation rental property for families to enjoy. It has been an opportunity for us to share one of our favorite places on earth with others. Our walls are filled with meaningful accents that highlight our journey. There are pictures, window treatments, signs, walkways, landscaping all created with love, I’d dare say more meaningful than money could buy. It’s our best work. This house has become a gallery for some of our greatest DIY projects, and I am so blessed to be able to share them with others. We simply named the home “Heavenly Grounds.” To us, that is exactly what it is. It sits on a mountaintop where views from miles away can be adored. It’s on a dead-end dirt road where deer, turtles, wild turkeys and even bears freely dwell. During the fall months, the leaves paint a new scene every day, while snow dustings cover the mountains during the winter. There are paths and trails once walked by my children and their beloved dog. My son got ready for prom there. My daughter enjoyed her cross-country party there. We hosted several gatherings there. We camped by the fireplace there. Read books, baked cookies, cooked smores, and counted stars there. And now others can do the same. We recently came back to town to take care of some business and decided to do a cabin home tour. PART TWO, showcases the lower level of the home. However, be sure to check out PART ONE of our cabin home tour to see the main floor and other elements of these heavenly grounds. Thanks for watching!

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If you are ever looking for a quaint getaway for you or your family or even a celebration, check out Blue Ridge, GA. It is just 2 hours North of Atlanta! You will be sure to enjoy this AWESOME gem!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU!

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