Season of Change: The Walker Sisters – The Story, The Hike, The Cabin – Great Smoky Mountains

The Walker Sisters Cabin still stands proudly deep in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is home to a most interesting story which is packed full of history and much intrigue.

Just a little over a mile past The Little Greenbrier School, the Walker sisters resided in an old log cabin they had lived at for many decades. They were eventually forced to endure a deep-seated change away from their normal mountain living. The land that they owned would later be taken over by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after decades of flourishing and living there.

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The Walker Sisters cabin and their story is one we’ve been very excited to vlog, document, and share with you. The hike that takes you to their old mountain-dwelling is a scenic one, and upon finally arriving at their log cabin, many traces of the Sisters’ lives can still be easily put together… with remnants of their years, left behind, for wandering mountain travelers like us to discover.

Sarah and I are loose in the Great Smokies and were excited to finally have the opportunity to explore the well-known Walker Sister Cabin, home to the last remaining family to actually live in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after the park was established.

A remarkable story of overcoming the challenges that life brings when change takes place…The Walker Sisters endured much and managed to repurpose their lives, not give up and keep moving forward.

Come along with us into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as we hike in to find and explore the cabin.. and the story of The Walker Sisters.

Season of Change: The Walker Sisters – Exploring The Cabin, The Story – Great Smoky Mountains

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