Country Fair Kids Rides at Dollywood

Let’s check out the kids rides at the Country Fair section of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.

The Country Fair section is the place to go for children at Dollywood. With rides for kids aged two and up, including some minor thrill rides, there’s something for every member of the family. The Country Fair section was added in 1993 or 1994.

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There is a very steep incline getting into the area. It can also get very congested in certain places and it can be hard to tell where the queues start and stop. during the warmer days, the plane in the middle of the area does mist quite a bit, so the kids will get wet.

Let’s take a look at the different rides in the area!

– Amazing Flying Elephants – This is your standard Dumbo-style ride and you can make your pachyderm fly higher or lower
– Busy Bees – a fun little circular ride for the much younger set. This one lets you adjust the height as you fly.
– Demolition Derby – This is a great bumper car ride tat;’s a lot of fun for adults, too. It’s a smaller track area, so you can expect a lot of collisions.
– Dizzy Disk – is a Disk O ride in which you face outwards and travel a short track. The closest you can get to riding a coaster without riding a coaster.
– Lemon Twist – a standard teacup ride
– Lucky Ducky – another circular ride for the young ones.
– Piggy Parade – you get to ride your piggy in a circle!
– Scrambler – aptly named, this is a traditional flat ride for the whole family
– Shooting Star – this is a mini drop tower that the kids will love.
– Sky Rider – on the Sky Rider, you reach heights of 70 feet while controlling the rudder.
– Village Carousel – the Village Carousel isn’t in the Country Fair section, but it’s close enough to enjoy. Keep an eye out for the lead hrose who is called Dolly.
– Waltzing Swinger – has been at the park for a while and is a typical wave swinger
– Wonder Wheel – is a 60 foot tall ferris wheel that’s an icon for the area.

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