Dollywood 2022 – What’s New & 2023 MAJOR NEW COASTER UPDATE!

I visit Dollywood for its 2022 Flower & Food Festival. This Dollywood festival, held in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, is now in its third year. Dollywood has many rides and attractions to offer families and thrill seekers alike – from thrilling coasters to their historic Dollywood Express train. I show you what Dollywood has new for 2022, and also show you a HUGE construction update for the 2023 new coaster that Dollywood is building.

Construction has already begun around the Wildwood Grove area of Dollywood on a MAJOR NEW COASTER for the 2023 season. I anticipate this will be a family coaster, offering thrills for the whole family. The new coaster will be part of an expansion to the Wildwood Grove area of the park. Dollywood roller coasters and Dollywood rides have always set a high bar, so I am excited to see what this one is! The Lightning Rod at Dollywood was the last time we saw a major new rollercoaster, so this is very exciting Dollywood news.

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In the video I enjoy some of the food around the Dollywood theme park, take a ride on the train and on Daredevil Falls, one of the exciting water parks on the park. I also rode on the Wild Eagle at Dollywood, but was not able to capture that for this vlog. Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and is partly owned by its namesake Dolly Parton.

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