Dollywood Express full train ride

Take a ride on the Dollywood Express train ride, behind a classic American engine. This is the full entire ride from the next to last car, where you can experience the sights and sounds of a lot of the landscaping, scenery, Dollywood itself and the engine around the turns. (PLEASE NOTE: they do play a couple of songs that are copyrighted on the train. This will cause the video to be blocked in some countries and on some devices. If you are getting a “video unavailable” message, this is why)

Not only did I work in theme parks for 10 years, I’ve visited a whole lot of them as well. Here’s some stories of great visits, not so great visits, favorites, reviews, and much more.

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Special thanks to Anna Simpson for the intro and Daniel Higgins (Goofy809) for the outro. Copyright and TM issues have been cleared through Joanne Choi of Disney legal and fall under parody/ satire provisions of law.

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