Dollywood – Hail Mary Mallon Acoustic (dadbOdd Cover)

This is my acoustic cover of Dollywood by Hail Mary Mallon

Welcome to the fourth release of my Acoustic Hip Hop Covers series. The Fourth cover will be an excerpt from a rap tune called Dollywood by rap duo Hail Mary Mallon from their album Bestiary. Hail Mary Mallon is made up of Alternative Hip Hop Artist and Producer Aesop Rock and Rapper/Producer Rob Sonic.

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Perhaps one of my favourite joints on the album Dollywood has a 3/4 beat and includes an infectious hook and a very intersting sax sample that almost resembles a harmonica. For this cover I wasn’t able to use a sax or harmonica so I got cute with my vocals and some effects.


More about dadbOdd:

Eric Miron a.k.a dadbOdd a mixed-media content creator specializing in Alt Glitch Rock/Experimental Rap and Storytelling. Singer/Songwriter and character actor, dadbOdd blends saturated samples, layered synths and analog instruments with word play and melodies in order to create unique sonic atmospheres as backdrops for character driven narratives.

In the music videos and sketches, dadbOdd portrays an alternate version of himself named “Malik Miron”. Malik lives a rough life and over the past two albums/seasons has been through his share of tough times.

In his sketches, Miron also portrays another character from the “Malik Universe” named “The Fat Jon Snow”. Jon is a struggling rapper trying to make a career in the music business. He is also Malik’s brother and reluctant roommate.

Every 6 weeks dadbOdd releases a brand new single written from the perspective of his characters. The Music Videos for these singles also double as episodes exploring characters from the “Malik” Universe.

Each album or body of work represents a season in the series.

Season 1: “Malik: A Sonic Short Story” explores the upbringing and backstory Malik.

Link to season 1:

Link to Album on Spotify:

Season 2: Manny explores Malik’s divorce from his ex-wife Manny.
The songs are written from the perspective of Manny but the episode follow Malik as he adjusts to being alone.

Catch up on whats been going on this season:

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