Dollywood Season Pass Day 2020 – Festival of Nations

We were fortunate enough to be at Dollywood Season Passholders Day 2020 to enjoy some of the Festival of Nations before things cancelled. Dollywood is also celebrating it’s 35th season!! We did not get all of the food sampled since we were expecting more days at Dollywood’s Festival of Nations but we wanted to share what we did try! Join Dawn and Tyler from Just Out ‘n About and The Crazy Pop @The Crazy Pop as we give this Festival of Nations food a try and see what we thought. We also sneak up on @yankeeinthesouth and crashed their vlog! (That’s always fun!!)
Some other friends we hung out with for the day… be sure to check them out on Instagram for some great park photos!!
Dollywood Dreaming
Between the Parks
Stateline Thrills
Also Coasters

We also met some other Youtube Friends for the first time!!!
Stephen from Thrill Maxx

Rocco from FYE Coasters

The vlog does skip a bit as we all took turns doing a live stream to show the crowds and things going on around the park for pass member day. Check the live streams out:
Yankee in the South:

The Crazy Pop:
(live stream)
(edited vlog)

Just Out ‘n About

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