Dollywood Vlog August 2020

Tess took an extended trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to check out Dollywood for the very first time! Join her as she explores one of the best themed and most beautiful parks in all of America, taking a deep dive into its coasters, food, and more…

Although Lightning Rod was unfortunately closed during the visit, Dollywood is home to so many different forms of entertainment that it didn’t completely spoil the experience. Tennessee Tornado, Wild Eagle, Thunderhead, and Dragonflier are all really fantastic coasters that act as wonderful support to the park’s lineup.

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Follow Pigeon Forge News on Google News

Coasters aside, Tess definitely carved out some time to try out some of the famous Dollywood eats, namely Cinnamon Bread and the famous 25lbs apple pie. A simultaneously herculean and delicious feat to conquer both in one day!

Tess also stayed at the Dollywood DreamMore resort, which further immersed her in the Dolly Parton Cinematic Universe (DPCU).

All in all, Tess’s first time at Dollywood was a magical success, and we can’t wait to get back there soon to check out seasonal offerings and (hopefully) ride Lightning Rod once and for all!

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