Dollywood's Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster Announcement with Dolly Parton and friends 8/5/2022

Music Superstar Dolly Parton joins leaders of Dollywood to announce Dollywood’s newest attraction – Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster located in the WildWood Grove section of the park.
This Vekoma roller coaster will be Dollywood’s longest at 3,990 feet and will be themed to a Big Bear expedition in the Smokies. It will have three launches and pass by waterfalls and butterflies on its twisty path back to the Outpost.

Dolly also answers a few audience questions and offers an update on her upcoming NBC movie currently being filmed at Dollywood, and she lets us know it will air before this Christmas.

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This Video is Closed Captioned.

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00:00 Show Open
00:05 A look back to 2018 at the promo for Wildwood Grove phase 1
02:03 intro for Pete Owens, Vice President of Marketing for Dollywood
02:48 Pete introduces Dolly Parton, Dreamer-in-Chief of Dollywood, with Special Guest Benjamin Bear
03:45 Dolly introduces Eugene Naughton, President of Dollywood
04:22 Eugene talks about today’s announcement
05:23 Animated video of the new coaster, Big Bear Mountain
07:04 Dolly and Eugene react to the animated video
09:05 Dolly takes questions from the audience
09:20 first question – Where does this expansion put your dreams for the park?
10:01 second question – $500 million dollars is a huge expansion, why is it so important for you to invest here?
11:19 third question – Where did your inspiration come from for this attraction?
12:40 fourth question – Tell us about your new movie (Mountain Magic Christmas) that you’re filming on Monday.
14:42 fifth question – What project are you most excited for, if you had to pick one thing?
15:56 last question – Christmas of Many Colors & Christmas on the Square are required viewing at our house, what will make your movie worthy of repeat watching for years to come?
18:37 Dolly exits the stage
19:00 One more ride on Big Bear Mountain – animated video of the attraction
20:34 Overlay of the attraction in WildWood Grove
20:46 Things Are About To Get Bigger promotional art
20:56 End Cards – Thanks for Watching – Please Like and Subscribe for more Dollywood Videos!

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