Kids Area, Rides, Shops and A Coaster! | Realistic Planet Coaster Park: ChachoLandia #2

Well, you love your realistic Planet Coaster parks, so let’s do another one. Welcome to ChachoLandia: A cross between Cedar Point, Thorpe Park, Dorney Park, Carowinds and Energylandia. Opened by Cedar Fair in the UK in 2015, we are building with a bigger budget!

This week, we add in our first rides and a kids coaster! Plus we install Burgz and generally bring the park to life! Welcome to Nerdoland!

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Using realism I’ve learnt from my experience of working for a real-life theme park company and over 4000 hours of Planet Coaster play time. Using true-to-life principles, we walk through each stage of the build reasons why things are built in a certain way– as well as some top tips on how these were achieved too by pulling them apart for you to see. As the project progresses, I’ll release the park for you to enjoy, so please make sure you Subscribe to stay in touch!

What if Cedar Fair opened a park in the UK? Would it look like Alton Towers? Thorpe Park? Or would it take on the form of more American parks like Cedar Point? Canada’s Wonderland? Or would it be more themed like DollyWood, Legoland, Busch Gardens or SeaWorld? Oh, and don’t forget Six Flags too! What about China? I hear Flying Kiss theme park in China is a good one too! Well, one thing is for sure, realistic Planet Coaster parks don’t come much more realistic than this and let’s be honest, other Planet Coaster Let’s Play or Planet Coaster gameplay videos won’t give you the real reasons why things are as they are. Where do you place rides, rollercoasters, shops, paths, plazas, car parks, entrance areas, tickets, turnstiles, maintenance sheds and so on? I’ll tell you where as we up the Planet Coaster Realism game! This is more than just a Planet Coaster Tutorial; this is a Planet Coaster best park ever!’ Just so you know, my realistic series uses Planet Coaster Sandbox. It’s time to get Planet Coaster real! Episodes with rollercoasters also have rollercoaster povs too. Don’t worry if you’re stuck for Planet Coaster Entrance Ideas – this episode will sort you out. This is how to start a park. AND if you like the build styles of Themepark worldwide, bro nation, silvarret, maskedbandit, mike sheet, deladysigner and rudi rudikmental then you might just like this! We have very similar planet coaster building style. I wish I’d get noticed by Mr Beast haha

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