super Mario Bros balloon pop game a new game attraction at Dollywood commercial

based on the video game called super Mario Bros by Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS is brought to life at Dollywood theme park for a very first time ever as a live game show so first you need to play the game to start the game all you need to do is pop the balloon then you win Mario and Luigi in other characters from Mario like Bowser toad Yoshi and princess peach but some of the characters you be winning during the game so anyways they’re not going to have the mascot costume characters version of Mario and Luigi walk around in the park this year because of covid known as AKA the coronavirus pandemic the horrible disease monster destroying our town so we want everybody to be safe from the virus we don’t want them to die we want them to live because of that doggone vaccine so anyways for example due to the covid-19 pandemic they be saying something negative things about the virus and that’s not good the virus of 2020 is the worst year ever but they were hoping that 2021 will be the good year they’ll be hoping that 2021 will be the goodest year

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