Top 4 Coffee Shops in Pigeon Forge You Should Try

If you love getting coffee every day, you probably want to know where you can get some while you’re in town. There are several coffee shops in Pigeon Forge to choose from, including local places and popular chains. Check out these 4 coffee shops in Pigeon Forge you should try:

1. Coffee Armory

coffee beansCoffee Armory is a newer coffee shop in the area. It is located at the Mountain Mile Tower Shops. They serve Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee, which is a local brewer. They have a Just Black coffee that is served all day. There’s also a medium roast you can get, as well as a Coffee of the Day, which changes constantly. You’ll be able to taste seasonal coffees, and add anything you want to your hot or cold drink. This coffee shop is locally owned by a veteran. You can even purchase coffee pods or ground beans to take home with you.

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2. Margaritaville Coffee Shop

If you spend any time at The Island in Pigeon Forge, you should grab some coffee at the Margaritaville Coffee Shop. They have signature blends of coffee you won’t find anywhere else. Get an iced latte or just a plain black coffee. You’ll also find blended drinks on their menu, or you can create your own beverage. This coffee shop in Pigeon Forge also serves snacks to go with your drinks so you just have to stop at one place to get a drink and a snack. This is the perfect place to go in the morning for coffee or a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

3. Espresso Yourself

hot black coffeeEspresso Yourself is a coffee shop in Pigeon Forge in the Old Mill Square. They proudly serve organic coffee, tea, and other beverages you might want to try. You can get light, medium, dark, or house coffee made into any drink of your choice. They have lattes, cappuccinos, and shots of espresso. You will also find iced drinks on their menu, as well as signature drinks such as a banana cream pie frappe or a turtle cheesecake frappe. You can get a chai latte iced or hot, and there is also earl grey, mint green, and plum oolong teas. Want a sweet treat to go with your drink? You’ll find cinnamon rolls, biscottis, and cookies on the menu.

4. Starbucks

Almost everyone has a Starbucks near them, and Pigeon Forge is no exception. If you love their tried and true drinks, then you probably know what you will order when you see one of the locations in the area. There are millions of drinks you could try at this popular chain coffee shop, from plain black coffee to a macchiato with your favorite flavors. No matter what you want, Starbucks probably has it for you!

When you need a cup of coffee, these are the places you should go. You might find a new favorite and want to support the local community. Since you know about some coffee shops in Pigeon Forge you should try, you should also learn about other restaurants to try. Look through these Pigeon Forge restaurants and pick one to check out on your next trip!

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