8 Family-Friendly Outdoor Getaways to Take This Fall

By the time school rolls around in August or September, parents are usually thanking their lucky stars they survived another summer (relatively) unscathed. But a month or two into the school year and suddenly you start missing those slow days of summer when you weren’t constantly darting off to soccer practice or dance lessons. More importantly, you start missing the uninterrupted time with your kids. When that feeling starts to creep in, it’s time for a fall family getaway. Thanks to mild temperatures, the South is the perfect place to take a fall vacation that’s all about enjoying the great outdoors. The mountains are delightfully crisp, and the beaches remain just warm enough to enjoy a cool dip and the hot sun on your skin. If you’re looking for inspiration on long weekend destinations for the entire crew, look no further. From the gorgeous coastal sunsets in Tampa, Florida to the unbelievably vibrant foliage in Blue Ridge, Georgia, here are our recommendations for fall family getaways.   

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