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On the just and unjust rain will fall

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My hopes sometimes crushed ‘neath it all

But when the rains they come down

And the floods they come up

I can say, “I know my God is enough”

For more than 40 years words that God sent into his heart and he scribbled down have sat in the drawer in Murray Galloways home. And then one day God told him it was time. Time to get them out and do something with them. Galloway listened to that still small voice and within months he released his first CD.

“On the spur of the moment we went to a gospel singing in Jackson, TN last July (2021),” related Galloway.  “That night God supernaturally connected us to John Darin Rowsey, who is a Dove award winner.  He is the lead singer of The Guardian Quartet.  I didn’t even know who he was before that night, but he asked to hear my songs, and ended up producing our albums.”

Since then Galloway and his family have recorded two albums.  The first, “Before and After”, was released the first of May.

“This features eight songs which I have written over the years.  On our second album,  ‘Through the Years’,  we were honored when John Darin Rowsey sang with us. That will be released in July and features songs that we have sung for 35 years or more. Things are happening so quickly that it’s been like a whirlwind!”

Galloway said his greatest challenge was “Putting music to the words of my songs, some of which had sat in my desk drawer for 40 years that my wife was not even aware of, getting them copyrighted, then allowing our producer, who is a Dove award-winning songwriter and writes for Daywind, to listen to them.  I wasn’t sure they were good enough to let anyone hear them, much less him!”

In reflecting on all that has happened in one short year Galloway said God gave him a marvelous verse. “Deuteronomy 28:2    ‘And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God.’”

A couple of the songs on the CD have a very special meaning for the man who has been preaching the word of God for more than 40 years. The song “Bruises” is one of them.

“I had been through a very difficult period of my life when some people wounded me with very harsh and hurtful words.  After carrying the pain hidden inside of me for quite some time, I realized that I was imprisoned by the bruises caused by those words. 

“Jesus said in Luke 4:18 that part of his purpose was to ‘set at liberty them that are bruised.’  So one day I asked God to free me from the captivity of that, and heal me of the hurt; and He did!  This song is about hidden hurts.  Everyone has them, but are afraid to talk about them.  God will heal them, if we will allow Him.”

Into each life there comes pain

I know my help comes from

The One who controls the rain

The song “I Can’t Control the Rain” was written because of much sadness in his heart.

“In January, 2021 I lost one of my closest friends, Bishop Gregory Holley, to cancer.  I walked around for nine or ten months in a fog, battling depression. One Saturday morning, even though there was zero percent chance of rain, I opened the front door of our house, and it was raining heavily. 

“For just a moment it made me unreasonably angry, and then I said out loud to no one but our little dog, ‘Well, Philip (our lawn guy) can’t control the rain.’ 

“Immediately God spoke to me and said, ‘Neither can you.’  I immediately began to cry, and God began to download this song into my spirit.  In less than 10 minutes, I had written the whole thing.  The second verse are the steps God showed me to get out of my depression. My prayer is that it will help others do the same.”

And music is the balm that soothes his soul as he strives to minister to others with his melody.

“I do not have any hobbies; I don’t hunt, fish, golf, etc.  Ministry is what I do, and ministry is what I enjoy.  Music is where I have the most fun. The most fulfilling thing is when someone says,’that message, or that song, ministered to me.’   It makes me happy to know that we have had a positive impact on behalf of the kingdom of God.”

There is nothing more precious than making that music and harmonizing with those that God has given him to be his family.

“I have been singing in church all my life.  When my wife, Andrea, and I were married, we started singing together.  Beth Wray, my sister, and I have been singing together her whole life, and she also joined us.  Our daughter, Kara, joined us when she finished her music degree at ORU.  Our daughter, Kori, does our multimedia work. There’s just something special about singing with family. 

“There’s a connection there that you don’t have with anyone else.  Singing unto the Lord as a family is uplifting. There is nothing more enjoyable than doing that with my wife, my daughters, and my sister.  We were doing this before an album ever became a possibility.”

But there is more to making music than getting up on the stage and spouting words to the guitar and keyboard. It is what goes on behind the scenes that makes it work. 

“I want to be clear about something here,” Galloway emphasized. “I may be the face and voice that you see and hear the most, but my wife, Andrea, is the engine of our ministry.  God is our source, and Andrea does the work behind the scenes that makes our ministry happen.”

I come into His gates with thanks

And give Him my offering of praise

Then in His presence there’s joy

And at His right hand pleasures forevermore.

And the blessings just keep coming. “We will be singing at The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, on Tuesday, August 9 during their ’40 Days and Nights of Gospel Music’ event. We will be taping for a Christian TV network in Dallas, TX on August 19.

Here at home we will be singing at the Bodock Festival from 3-4 p.m. on Saturday, September 10, and then the Southern Gospel Music Promoters Association on September 29. And then we will be singing at the annual National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN on Saturday, October 1.”

And in the middle of all these concerts the family has many churches scheduled for concerts and ministry in several states.

So how do you get your name in the line up or get ahold of the CD? “Go to our website, for our contact information, to find scheduled events, and to order our music.  You will be able to download our album on Spotify, Amazon, or ITunes very soon.  Follow us on Facebook at Galloway & Company to stay updated on our ministry schedule, or look us up on to see a list of our scheduled appearances,” Galloway concluded.

Words in italics are the lyrics to Galloway’s “I Can’t Control the Rain.”

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