Gatlinburg is the top trending travel destination in the country

Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains / Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Despite the overall travel slump due to the pandemic, two East Tennessee destinations are among the top trending travel destinations in the country as more travelers shift to outdoor-oriented travel sites. The website TripAdvisor ranked the top trending U.S. travel destinations based upon those that are growing the most in popularity and gaining the most positive reviews.

Top trending travel destinations:

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1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

2. St. Augustine, Florida

3. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

4. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

5. Moab, Utah

6. Marco Island, Florida

7. Estes Park, Colorado

8. Hilton Head, South Carolina

9. Clearwater, Florida

10. Jackson, Wyoming

Source: TripAdvisor

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