MASSSIVE Rattlesnake Spotted in Chattanooga, Tennessee [VIDEO]

MASSSIVE Rattlesnake Spotted in Chattanooga, Tennessee [VIDEO]

What would you have done in this situation?

I have gone on record countless times by saying that I’m not afraid of anything…except snakes. It’s always been that way, and always will. Just the thought of encountering one makes me want to squirm out of fear. If you recall, a little over a year ago, a woman on the west side of Evansville discovered a snake inside of the gas pump holder while she was pumping gas.

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To this day, I always check the gas pump for snakes now…better safe than sorry. That snake wasn’t even that big. If the thought of stumbling along a snake that size gives me chills, I don’t even want to imagine what I’d do if I came across a massive one as a Tennesse did a few days ago.

Massive Rattlesnake Spotted in Chattanooga

Sarah Buckner of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her friend were hiking near Snooper’s Rock a couple of days ago when they came across something that I am sure neither one of them expected…a massive snake that appears to be a rattlesnake. Now, when I say “massive” I mean that it has to be nearly ten feet in length, judging by the viral video.

I reached out to Sarah about her encounter with this snake, and she said:

We were about 2.75 miles into a 3-mile section. He was just chilling on the side of the trail, about 6″ of his head sticking out. I stopped and backed up and pulled out my phone. I like snakes so I was fine with it, but my friend had a moment. We waited for it to go on it’s way then kept walking. He was just living his clearly very long life!

Sarah handled this moment way better than I ever would have, but what would you have done if you came across a large venomous snake like this?

Rattlesnakes in Tennessee

Judging by the look of the snake in the video, it appears to be a Timber Rattlesnake, which is the largest and the most dangerous, of the 4 venomous snakes in Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Timber Rattlesnake:

Prefers mature, heavily wooded forests with rocky, south-facing hillsides; often associated with bluffs or ledges.   They can also be found around mountains, swamps, cane thickets, wooded stream corridors, and rural habitats.   It is common to see Timber Rattlesnakes coiled near fallen logs or sunning on rocks.

While they are common in that part of the state, populations are declining as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation, road mortality, and persecution. Local 3 News also reported on this story and shared a post from the Town of Signal Mountain about an increase in rattlesnake sightings in the area.

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