PFFD saves driver, dog after hillside wreck | News

PIGEON FORGE — Firefighters pulled off a complex rescue operation Sunday morning after a driver went off the driveway of a cabin and onto a steep embankment, leaving her car precariously balanced on its front while she and her dog were stuck inside.

Officers got the call to a cabin on Springstone Way at about 1:40 a.m. Sunday, Pigeon Forge Deputy Chief Charles Powers said.

They found that a woman who was visiting a cabin had driven through a guardrail in the parking area as she tried to park, and the car had gone off the parking area and landed on its front.

“I’m not sure exactly what happened,” Powers said. “We heard the person thought they were hitting the brake and they were hitting the gas.

“When firefighters arrived on scene they found the car in that vertical position.”

The car was leaning against the side of the driveway, he said, but needed to be secured before they could safely get the driver and her pet out.

It took about an hour to safely use harnesses to secure the car so it couldn’t tip over and extricate them.

“They were both unharmed,” he said.

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