PFPD getting new design for badges | News

PIGEON FORGE — Police here will be getting new badges with a more homespun design.

City Commission voted Monday to purchase 150 new badges, a cost that was covered in the department’s budget.

“We are redesigning our badge to be more in line with the city’s them, so to be a little bit more Pigeon Forge,” Chief Richard Catlett said.

In fact, Catlett came up with the new design himself.

“I started working on that about two years ago,” he said “It’s taken a while to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look.”

His hope for it is that it will be something distinctive, so it will be difficult for people to make a fake Pigeon Forge badge by getting online, he said.

It was one of several requests for new purchases from different departments as the city enters into a new fiscal year — the commission also approved purchase of new ammo and new vehicles for the police department.

Some departments are reporting that the costs of purchases have already increased noticeably since they worked on the budget over the past few months.

Other items approved Monday included:

• Rezoning property along Ridge Road from low density residential district to mixed use commercial

• An amendment to regulations for planned unit developments, calling for freestanding buildings to be 30 feet apart to help make them safer in the event of brush fire

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