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Ravenswood Senior Center

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

We were fortunate that our daughter Bev Thompson prepared Easter dinner for our family here on Flatwoods Road. Robbie and I had enough food to eat for two days. I love her baked beans and she always makes sure we have them.

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Our granddaughter Jennifer Woodard and her husband Jeremy and their two kids Payton and Brady came to visit us for a while Easter afternoon. We decided to sit in lawn chairs on our driveway since the weather was nice and we had plenty of room to social distance where we sat. I had a new little sweeper (a gift from our daughter Kris King and her husband Mark) that needed put together so Jeremy got it assembled and Jennifer decided to run it on our carpet to see how it worked. I stayed outside and waited for “a report.” Jennifer said it’s really nice and very easy to use. Jeremy and Jennifer also visited his aunt and uncle, Keven and Wendey Currey, who live beside us.

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