Sevierville restaurants struggle under boil water notice

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A water boil notice is affecting homeowners and businesses in Sevierville. 

One business owner says it’s affecting their bottom line, but they say they’re doing everything to keep their doors open. Liz Beth’s family owns several restaurants in Sevierville and Sevier County. 

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“We are a family that owns Pollo Loco, El Machete in Sevierville, El Eslabone and El Ranchero Loco in Pigeon Forge,” said Beth. “So when we got the notification we called right away the health department. We talked to Mr. Daniel Sutton at the health department where he does the health inspections and we asked him what can we do so we can stay open and make sure we do the right things.”

Some of those procedures include boiling water, having to get ice from the restaurants not affected and serving bottled drinks. Only their restaurants in Sevierville were affected by the boil notice.

“We’re selling a lot of Jarritos, which is the Mexican sodas,” Beth said.

She said some customers have been understanding, but others have not.

“It does affect us because we’re here, the cooks are working but they’re doing everything they can but it does affect us because some people don’t understand we cannot give you water or tea.”

On the other side of town, homeowners are also having to make changes to their regular routine.

“This morning brushing your teeth with the water, we had to use bottled water. We have a dog; we had to make sure that the tap water we use for him we changed out for bottled water,” said Sevierville resident Ray Flasher.

Fasher said they’ve turned off their ice maker and are being cautious. 

“My wife is immune deficient so my main concern is her because if she was to get this bug it would greatly affect her,” he said.

Everyone is just hoping this boil notice won’t last for long.

“Be patient and understand we are going to try to do the best we can to provide them food and not contaminate them with the water. So we are taking the right steps to stay open,” Beth said.

Again, make sure you boil your water for at least three minutes before using it. 

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