SnowMagic celebrates 20 years of all-temperature snowmaking

SnowMagic is celebrating 20 years of temperature-independent snowmaking. Through its trademark WintertainmentTM, SnowMagic offers real snow experiences including snow tubing, snow play and venue enhancement in any climate and location. Company president Albert Bronander spent his college years in the water en route to earning multiple NCAA All-American swimming titles; water continues to fuel his success with SnowMagic which uses only water to produce slopes and fields of pure snow. SnowMagic’s two decades of success are due to Bronander’s commitment to continuously improving on the technology and working one-on-one with clients to ensure success based on each site’s unique specifications and opportunities.

SnowMagic has circled the globe with snow, from unlikely equatorial locales like Viet Nam, Mexico City, Bogota, and South Africa; and also guaranteeing snow in U.S. mountain destinations including Ober-Gatlinburg, TN; Stone Mountain, GA; and the gateway to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Denver. A key market for SnowMagic is winter wonderland attractions that operate from November through mid/late-winter, capitalizing on North Pole and other holiday imagery. Winter-only attractions include Del ‘Osso Family Farm (CA), Santa’s Wonderland (TX) and Margaritaville (GA). Indoor attractions are an extremely effective way to put SnowMagic to work year ‘round. Pigeon Forge Snow, the most recent domestic indoor installation, was profitable starting in its first year; and SnowMagic’s first indoor park in Riyadh has been operating profitably since it was constructed nearly 20 years ago. The newest indoor installation, in Durban, South Africa, has exceeded expectations from opening day.

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Teamwork also plays a key role in the success of SnowMagic and its clients. Top engineers Neil Harris, Denny Byers and Noriyuki Kato work onsite and in SnowMagic’s manufacturing facility to customize each installation to maximize efficient use of water and electricity. They also bring attraction operation expertise to each venue’s planning process. SnowMagic is not afraid to bring potential challenges to the attention of prospective clients.

“Each client has its own special opportunities and goals,” said Bronander, “and we make sure they understand the steps they will need to take in the planning, construction, marketing and daily operations to have a successful snow venue.”

 SnowMagic offers the advantage of a nimble company that can produce its signature WintertainmentTM anywhere in the world. Bronander sees “mountains of opportunity” ahead for snow attractions and SnowMagic. “Snow has universal appeal,” he explains. “Sliding is a joyful experience and snowtubing gives everyone the chance to feel like a downhill racer, indoors, outdoors, on the side of a mountain or in the heart of a city.”

SnowMagic has put smiles on the faces of kids and families facing life’s toughest challenges; going so far as to deliver snow to pediatric cancer patients via upper-story hospital patios and sending truckloads of snow on a cross-Florida convoy complete with police escort. “One thing I have learned is that snow makes people happy” said Bronander, “and SnowMagic can deliver a dose of snow in a hurry,”

SnowMagic has recently perfected the company’s mobile snow deliver technology, enabling clients to produce events in smaller venues and on tight deadlines. The company’s new mobile units combined SnowMagic’s seasonal and year ‘round installations mean that more of the world will be experiencing the “magic of snow” for decades to come.

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