Tennessee fan Boone Barnhart goes all out at Vol baseball games

Pigeon Forge native Boone Barnhart dresses up as his favorite players at Vols games and practices his skill from the stands.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Most Tennessee Baseball fans are invested in the game, but 6-year-old Boone Barnhart takes it to another level.

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The Pigeon Forge native dresses up as his favorite players, and practices hitting (without a bat) and catching (without a ball) from the stands at Lindsey Nelson Stadium.

“He would bring his bat if I let him,” said Chelsea, Boone’s mom.

On Tuesday’s game against Belmont, Boone was wearing a Drew Gilbert jersey complete with a hat, baseball pants, a belt and Tennessee socks. Boone also wears gear like batting gloves or a catching mitt, depending on where the Vols are on offense or defense.

Of course, Boone couldn’t play the part of a Vol baseball player without a proper home run celebration.

“if they hit a home run, then he takes his [Tennessee] hat off and I put the ‘Daddy’ hat on his head,” Chelsea Barnhart said.

The family has season tickets for Vol baseball, along with basketball and football. Boone says baseball is his favorite, and his involvement in the game doesn’t stop when Tennessee is on the road.

“At home, we do this watching TV in the living room,” Chelsea Barnhart said. “He hits, then runs the bases. This is an ongoing thing, all the time.”

Boone set some lofty expectations for Tennessee baseball against Belmont in The Vols’ final home game of the regular season on Tuesday.

“Eight thousand home runs,” Boone said.

Tennessee didn’t quite reach that mark, but the team did hit six home runs in the 18-0 win over the Bruins: six home runs for their 6-year-old superfan.

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