Old Dad's General Store in Gatlinburg Tennessee

A General Store in Gatlinburg that you’ve probably passed a time or two on trips to the downtown area, Old Dad’s General Store has definitely no shortage of general products, merchandise, grocery, beverages, and….food.

We’ve dropped in on a few occasions for snacks before heading out in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and have always noticed the inside grill cafe that serves up a long list of sandwich and side item favorites but never took the time to place an order.

Well, get this, we overslept and rose nearly noontime. Being close by, we decided this would be the perfect day to check off another cafe restaurant in Gatlinburg off our list. We’d been wanting to experience it because every time we’ve been by…boy did it smell good in there.

Their menu cooks up breakfast biscuits and sandwiches as well as more lunch favorites, cooked to order, than your heart could ever desire. Conveanlly located inside this old-time general store in Gatlinburg, that’s a little bit of everything…for everyone.

The clock’s close to striking the noon hour and Sarah and I rolled out of the bed, jumped in the van, and are headed that way for lunch and a look around.

Come along with us in the next episode of Quest Capsule

OId Dad’s General Store – Gatlinburg Tennessee – Grill, Grocery, Souvenirs

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