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On your next trip to Pigeon Forge, TN, be sure to visit Parrot Mountain and Gardens! We had a great experience and would like to thank the owners for granting us permission to film and share our adventure with you. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Parrot Mountain and Gardens.

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1471 McCarter Hollow Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37862

Parrot Mountain and Gardens features hundreds of birds in a picturesque setting. From parrots and cockatoos to toucans and African crowned cranes, you will be blown away by the beauty and diversity of these amazing birds.

This attraction features a beautifully-landscaped pathway through the numerous perches and bird enclosures, and you will feel like you are walking through the Garden of Eden. Many of the birds on perches and in the enclosures are rescues or endangered species. By providing the parrots and other birds with a safe haven, the park is committed to ensuring these magnificent creatures are thriving for years to come.

Stop in at the bird nursery where you can hold baby birds or let a parrot perch on your arm. Then, head to the lorikeet enclosure where you can feed the birds. There are numerous pathways featuring a variety of plants, including a prayer path depicting the nativity, cross, and empty tomb, as well as an arbor tunnel surrounded by nature.

There is also a secret garden to walk through, where birds fly freely in the large space. If you want to feed some of the larger birds, stop at the bird garden and take your picture with a parrot perched on your shoulder!

When you get hungry, purchase ice cream or lunch at the deli located inside the gift shop. Out front, there is a lovely fountain and a covered porch that create a perfect setting for eating. Be sure to note the beautiful architecture of the buildings.

We had a great time at Parrot Mountain and Gardens! It’s fascinating and entertaining to learn about these magnificent birds and the park’s conservation efforts. When you are next in Pigeon Forge, consider booking a stay with Peaceful Cabin Rentals and support Parrot Mountain by visiting this unique attraction.

Please note the park has steep inclines. Golf carts are available to rent.

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