Top 3 Worst Attractions in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Today, we are checking out the top 3 worst Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions. Gatlinburg Tennessee has some very good, fun attractions to do while visiting. These are not those. The three attractions we are going to look at today are a bit dated and perhaps overpriced for what you get. However, I still feel like there is some value in checking them out. I find it kind of fun going through lesser quality attractions.

The first attraction we are going to take a look at is Treasure Golf. Why does Treasure Golf make this list? The decor inside is very dated, the individual holes are not good, the layout of the attraction could be better, and it is a it more expensive than some of the better indoor golf options offered in Gatlinburg.

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Number 2 on our list is Earthquake the Ride. This attraction will set you back about $10 per person for approximately a 1 to 1.5 minute experience. The problem with this attraction is it feels like an extremely low quality version of the Universal Studios ride. Now while the attraction itself is not very good it is worth doing it for some laughs.

Finally, we get a look at what is the absolute worst attraction in Gatlinburg, The World of Illusion. The gap of bad between this and Earthquake the Ride is quite large. World of Illusion may not only be the worst attraction in Gatlinburg, but quite possibly the entire country.

Now while these attractions are of low quality there is a bit of appeal in checking them out because they are bad.

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