Log Cabin vacation home for sale Red River Gorge Kentucky KY Cabin Owner will Finance

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Log Cabin vacation home for sale Red River Gorge Kentucky KY Cabin Owner will Finance. Vacation home for sale, owner finance cabin, Red River Gorge, kentucky cabin, cabin airbnb.
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[00:00:00] Ok, here we are in Red River Gorge. And I want to show you what this blue moon. Cabin looks like it’s just because it can be. And again, if you haven’t seen the other video, I’m familiar with these people who have built this decorated manager. Everything they do is top notch. And this project is no different. This place is just spectacular and decorated well and ready to go. Everything’s top quality. So you don’t have a thing to do. Just come on up here with your family. Relax, enjoy. Rent it out. Have income, whatever you want. Let’s go and check it out. Owner will Finance Cabin vacation home for sale Red River Gorge Kentucky

[00:00:54] Ok, so we’re up here at Blue Moon. Blue Moon. I say Blue Moon because that’s one of my favorite. My mom likes that and we’re up in the mountains. So what could you do with this cabin? Could it be your home away from home?

[00:01:14] Could it be your weekend getaway? Could it be income for you? Could it be a weekend getaway that’s free because you have enough income off for the rest of the rentals to pay for this this cabin for free on an acre and a half plus? Not sure exactly. Dan will be able to tell you how big a lot is for. Could this be? Could this be a rental? And these stay rented pretty well. Could it be a rental that you could have income for your self-directed Roth I.R.A., which wouldn’t give you a lot of information on that as well? We have self-directed IRAs in our family. And this could be massive income. These cabins run about one hundred and fifty-two hundred and $70 a night and stay rented. Let’s just go on in here now for that. Let’s go in and show you how cute this is, really. Well, Bill. This is the real deal.

[00:02:16] And the cedar. Oh, I love the smell of the cedar sole cedar siding and a lot of the beams. The ceiling is all cedar. It just smells absolutely wonderful. It’s quite a sight. I’m so glad to see this, too. One time we wanted to have A, B and B and, you know, we were always afraid that smoking it’s nice that they adopt a no smoking policy. So here again, we’ve got a lot of figured wood on the floor and I’m thinking sacred. I smoke with an awful lot of it.

[00:02:55] Lounge room, drop your pants here. Pretty funny. Skunky got that stop stack deal again with vacuum good-sized hallway closet here for the owners closet. Here’s a bedroom right away. Beautiful. It’s got this this dark blue, almost like a delicate, bluish, ticklish, perfect for sleeping. And then it’s got this great bathroom. Well, that. Grateful fixtures.

[00:06:19] This is the road where I came up and started doing the video right there, came up and around. And then up in a circular driveway that. You can see why these they rent it all the time. Just an hour from Lexington in the middle of nowhere. One thing I wanted to show you before we go, here’s the upper deck up there off of the pool table. The pool table. The pool table room’s right there. And then this is the living room and the dining room. And of course, another nice hot tub. This one is blue inside a pretty blue moon, blue hot tub.

[00:07:06] And again, this is on 300 acres. This whole compound, 300 acres. This is an acre and a half plus some around there. 300 acres is all in this compound. So you can imagine. Look at these rock formations. Aren’t they the coolest I don’t know if you can see them or not in the camera. You might be able to see him a little better. But these are like cliffs and Indian caves and just really cool, cool stuff. Imagine what this place is going to look like in the fall.

[00:07:41] Thank you for touring Blues Moon with me this afternoon. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. And make let’s make this cabin yours. Give Dan a call and let’s see what we can do. Strategized to put this into your portfolio or into your family as a weekend getaway. Memories are made in a place like this. Thanks. Owner Finance Cabin vacation home for sale Red River Gorge Kentucky KY

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