Southwest Airlines Heart Cabin Interior – in Virtual Reality VR 360

At the 2015 Media Day in Houston Hobby airport, Southwest Airlines (in partnership with Rockfish Digital Agency, Samsung, and AT&T) unveiled an innovative, Virtual Reality / 360 viewing experience of the newly designed “Heart” cabin interior to a select group of invited Media guests. At the event, Media guests experienced a fully-immersive, custom-developed Virtual Reality app experience with Samsung’s Gear VR, and then were given Southwest-branded cardboard headsets to enjoy this video at home.

To view in 360 or in virtual reality, follow these instructions:

360 degree viewing:
· Within YouTube’s mobile app, play the video and move/tilt the phone in any direction (360 degrees around). At the time of publishing, both YouTube’s Android and iOS apps are supported.
· Within Google Chrome browser, play the video and click-n-drag your mouse in any direction (360 degrees around).

Virtual Reality viewing (with a VR Cardboard headset):
· At the time of publishing, support for Cardboard virtual reality viewing exists only for Android phones.
· Within YouTube’s mobile app, play the video and click on the icon shaped like a VR headset (located at the bottom of the video and to the left of the view full screen icon).
· Insert mobile phone into your Cardboard headset and enjoy!

Please comment and let us know if you would like to see more video virtual reality content from Southwest Airlines!

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