Meet Megan on your left and Britney on the right. (Shared with their permission) Michelle and I went to Dollywood this evening and met these two young ladies.

But first let me tell how we got to that point in the evening. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and as many of you know, I haven’t seen my five little girls in person since March 18th 2020. So I wanted to desperately call them since I had only gotten to talk to them once this week. And I was struggling in a big way as we arrived at Dollywood. For almost two hours every time I thought about calling them, God would say NO. I would then go but why God. I want my little girls to know that I care for them and love them so much. As we arrived at Dollywood God reminds me of a page that I read on Sunday almost a week ago. On that page is the story about Samuel coming to Saul and telling the King what the Lord said do. “Kill everyone and everything.” But Saul didn’t do as Samuel had told him. Instead he took the best animals as plunder and also didn’t kill the king of their enemy. Because of his disobedience to the Lord he was killed in battle and so was his son. It allow David to become the King after that. So I knew I had to do what God wanted of me and die to my flesh. Eventhough it was hurting my heart in the process. But I did what God said to do and that is how we got to meet Megan and Britney.

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I saw them come out of one of the shops in Dollywood and I quickly read Britney shirt then Megan’s. They had as you can see the same shirt on in the video. So I asked Britney tell me about you Jesus. And she gladly started telling me then Megan after that. What is so amazing about this video is the ability and no fear of singing for anyone and everyone to hear without music. Michelle and I had just met them but I was so proud that we got to meet them and share about God to each other.

May this video show you like it did us to TELL ABOUT MY JESUS TOO! And do it whenever and wherever just like they did in front of the world for all to see. Our friend Art by Gale fell in love with these two young ladies just as we did. May God richly bless you too as He did us by listening to them sing a heart felt song that was written by someone they know locally.

Melvin and Michelle

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