THE INN AT CHRISTMAS PLACE- Hotel that celebrates Christmas all year! Pigeon Forge, TN

We travel to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to revisit one of our favorite and most magical hotels in the country, The Inn At Christmas Place! The Inn at Christmas Place is a Christmas themed hotel. It is literally Christmas here 365 days a year. This place has become a Doodle The Travel Bug tradition. But not necessarily a Christmas tradition. Here where it is Christmas all year round, it is so much fun to re visit the holiday spirit in the off months. In fact we have never visited this hotel in December. Every inch of this Bavarian style Christmas castle is elegantly decorated for Christmas. Stays here include complimentary full hot breakfast each morning, milk and cookies and bedtime, holiday crafts, a Christmas scavenger hunt, and visits from different Christmas Characters. The Inn at Christmas Place’s Santa Clause is the best. They have been using the same Saint Nick for over a decade. He’s a beautiful full beard Mountain man Santa with a thick and friendly southern drawl.
Across the street from the hotel is the Incredible Christmas Place, the south’s largest Christmas shopping center. It is designed to look like a beautiful Christmas village and they sell every kind of Christmas decoration imaginable.

Our room is decorated for the holiday and it includes a full size lit Christmas tree and fireplace.

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We rent movies from their Christmas Movie Collection Library and enjoy milk and cookies at bedtime.

The Inn At Christmas Place is located in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains right in the center of the tourist town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee so there is plenty to explore around the hotel. There is no wonder this is Santa Clauses vacation place and where he goes in the summer. Didn’t know that Santa hates snow. The Inn At Christmas Place is the best hotel in Pigeon Forge.

This is a must do for anyone with young kids or anyone who believes in the Magic of Christmas.

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