Dollywood – A Memory Worth Repeating (1996 VHS)

This is a video documentary filmed by Rowland Productions Inc. in 1996 for Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was released in the park and never premiered on DVD. It features footage of almost all of the specialty craftspeople that were part of the early days of Dollywood in the Craftman’s Valley section of the park. The video also features a listing of all of the major entertainment offerings available in the park and a highlight of the Holiday offerings as part of A Smoky Mountain Christmas. The video ends with an advertisement for a craftsman class that was available at the time and an advertisement for the Heartsong video cassette that was also available for purchase at the time.

I converted the VHS to a video file through the use of a Roxio VHS to DVD converter, then used Adobe Premier Pro to balance the audio. The quality is not great, but it is about as good as it gets with a nearly 30-year-old VHS tape. Enjoy this blast from the past from Dollywood’s rich history.

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No copyright infringement is intended and all rights belong to the Dollywood Company and Rowland Productions Inc., who produced this film in 1996.

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