Roller Coasters of Dollywood Vlog!! – With the Coaster Idiots!!

Suh dudes! The Coaster Idiots present our experience at the 2019 Smoky Mountain Coasterfest at Dollywood. Dollywood is one of the best theme parks in the United States! Hope you enjoy!

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People in the video! (Probably missed several people, there were a lot)
Dan @lsmentertainment
Ally @coasterkat456
Borger @henry_sievers
Peter @ejectortrims
Myke @airtime_myke
Mark @mark_904
Kat @kittykat3392
Drew @andrewlikescoasters
Lisa @lisa_bottomly
Andrew @andrewbottomly325
Nick @stateline.thrills
Nick @coasterodyssey

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