Today was not what we Expected….(Dollywood – 2021)

Dollywood is reopening for the 2021 season, and we’re here for the Pass Holder’s Day. It wasn’t well…quite what we expected…

Take a look at the clothing refresh for the new season, Blazing Fury’s new tracks, and a ride opening 2 hours late…(hint: it’s Lightning Rod). We take a fresh look at the Dollywood Museum, and give our thoughts on our day!

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Some of the Amazing YouTubers we got to meet up with today!!
Just Out and About

Crazy Pop

Adventures That Rock

Yankee In The South

Chris About T’s

Also, Johnny 5 started a thing. Check out our sub-reddit!

0:00 Intro
0:12 Lightning Rod
0:25 New addition
0:36 Blazing Fury
1:15 Some More Things
1:35 Museum
3:07 New Merchandise
3:41 Our Thoughts
5:32 Outro

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