Fulfill your true crime fantasies

Murder is on my mind a lot. At any given time, I’m analyz­ing crime scenes alongside TV detectives, trying to identify a killer in novels, listening to true crime podcasts, or watch­ing documentaries of unsolved deaths. My obsession with the Ted Bundy-like serial killers of the world or the million unique ways to kill someone borders on unhealthy (my husband sleeps with one eye open).

To be clear: I don’t like mur­derers. I’m just fascinated by the psychology behind why crimi­nals do what they do and how some crimes are so complicated and confusing they can never be truly figured out. If this is you, then consider taking your killer obsession to the next level by visiting a true-crime museum in the U.S.! Yes, there are actual museums dedicated to explor­ing crimes and showcasing the real-life heroes whose job is to catch the bad guys. It’s time em­brace your true crime fantasies — in a healthy, socially accept­able way, of course.

Start your journey into the darkness at the amazing Alca­traz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, just over 200 miles east of Nash­ville. Billed as “the most arrest­ing crime museum in the United States,” Alcatraz East is known for its entertaining interactive exhibits and original artifacts designed for all ages. Take pic­tures by the infamous white Ford Bronco that O.J. Simpson drove during his televised po­lice car chase or examine the typewriter Ted Bundy used in prison. Speaking of Bundy — known as the most notorious serial killer in history — he has a temporary exhibit (open through October 2022), which looks at his final crime, arrest, trial and death.

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By Sydni Ellis[email protected]


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