Pigeon Forge adds 12 new ‘planter people’ throughout city

While non-essential travel is discouraged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pigeon Forge tourism officials are celebrating National Tourism Week with the introduction of 12 new characters throughout the city.

National Tourism Week is an annual tradition for the U.S. travel community. It is a time when travel and tourism professionals across the country unite to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal wellbeing.

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“Spirit of Travel is the anthem of this year’s National Tourism Week,” said Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism Executive Director Leon Downey. “Despite our current circumstances, which are far from ideal, our local tourism industry has kept that spirit alive, and it is more important than ever to celebrate the folks who power our local industry—and spread some cheer at the same time.”

Pigeon Forge’s new “planter people” represent the variety of tourism throughout the city. Made of resin and measuring just over four feet tall, each is adorned with live plants that will continue to flourish throughout the season. The cast of 12 includes representatives from various sectors, from the service industry to retail, including a:

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