Pigeon Forge announces plans to install cameras on trolleys, bodycams on conductors

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn, (WVLT) — It’s one of the county’s most used mass transit systems and now your every move will be recorded while on Pigeon Forge’s Trolleys. They hope it makes your ride safer.

Pigeon Forge has purchased 400 cameras they plan to install on trolleys all across the city. Each trolley will get five cameras looking at all areas of the interior of the trolly and outside.

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Conductors on the city’s tram system will now wear body cameras similar to police body cameras.

“It magnetized and sticks together it’ll be on the entire time our conductor is operating,” said Lynn Wilhoite, Director of Transit for Pigeon Forge.

Wilhoite says the cameras will be used to adjust operations, can they make getting on and off the tram safer. Did someone leave something or someone behind? Just part of what these eyes and ears may tell him.

“This is also where the ADA ramp is at. So we can observe everything that occurs during the use of the ramp itself. All this is for safety issues. If we see we’re not doing something the way we want it done we can make corrections,” as he showed Sevier County Bureau Chief Kyle Grainger where the cameras would be installed.

The cameras being installed on trolleys will upload data at various points in the city. One day Wilhoite hopes to be able to see what’s happening live.

They hope to have this fully up and running by the fall.

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