The 21 Most Hilarious Conversations Overheard at Disney

There is so much to see and experience when visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

From iconic attractions to world-class entertainment shows, as well as beloved parades like Festival of Fantasy and nighttime spectaculars like the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland and Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom, there are so many experiences to enjoy at all the Disney Parks.

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magic kingdom monorail with cinderella castle and space mountain
Credit: Disney

With so many Disney Park Guests always visiting, there are always bound to be some fun conversations happening.

Here’s a look at 21 of the most hilarious conversations overheard at Disney.

1. “Where is the Harry Potter section?”

Many Disney Park Guests and Cast Members have reported hearing other Guests talk about and even ask about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section while at Walt Disney World Resort.

The problem? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located about 15 minutes down I-4 at Universal Orlando Resort.

For some reason, there are many who don’t navigate or understand the differences between the two companies. One Disney Cast Member even hilariously reported one time that they had to turn away Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios who had tickets to Universal Studios Florida.

So, just a fair warning, if you’re visiting Disney World, you won’t be experiencing any magic from the Wizarding World.

Universal Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Credit: Universal Orlando

2. “We were at Disney World yesterday. This is Animal Kingdom”

It can certainly be confusing to think about since Disneyland Park is the actual name of the Disney Park that was originally built, but Disney World’s theme park with the castle is called Magic Kingdom.

All four Disney Parks– and the water parks and hotels– are all in Disney World, but you’d be surprised how many people refer to Magic Kingdom as “Disney World” and then don’t look at the other Disney Parks the same way.

beacon animal kingdom
Credit: Disney

3. “You guys should not be talking about Bruno, that is completely inappropriate.”

Encanto (2021) has absolutely taken the World of Disney by storm.

The beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios movie about The Madrigals, a magical family in Colombia, saw its popular hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” hit the top of the charts for multiple weeks, becoming more popular than “Let It Go” from Frozen (2013)  and becoming the first Disney song since “A Whole New World” in Aladdin (1992) to top the charts.

mirabel encanto close up
Credit: Disney

Even though there’s not a Disney ride yet, Encanto is still a popular talking point for Disney fans and this line, spoken by a parent, is hilarious.

In the latest news, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the beloved Encanto soundtrack, recently shared that Disney Imagineers are currently in the midst of developing an attraction for Disney Park Guests to enjoy.

“The Imagineers are on it,” he said. “I don’t know what they do or where they live, but I know they’re on it.”

Mirabel (L) and Bruno (R) in 'Encanto'
Credit: Disney

4. “River Cruise? Is that like Jungle Cruise?”

The “Sassagoula River Cruise” is a free service that ferries guests from both of the Port Orleans resorts all the way down the river to Disney Springs.

However, it seems some Disney guests were thinking they’d be getting a few more punny jokes while on the ride rather than just a ferry boat ride to Disney Springs.

port orleans riverside bayou
Credit: Disney

Disney’s official description for Jungle Cruise– the attraction at Magic Kingdom and not the same thing as the ferry boat ride– can be read below:

Adventure Around Every Corner

Embark on a river cruise where dangerous beasts and dry wit abound. Board a canopied tramp steamer piloted by your trusty skipper, who will expertly navigate you through some of the world’s most treacherous waters.

Steam past lush foliage, butterflies and waterfalls on the Amazon in South America. Glimpse an abandoned camp overrun by curious gorillas on the shores of the African Congo.

Watch for angry hippos, hungry lions and “sleeping” zebras along the Nile and be on the lookout for a missing Jungle Cruise vessel and its helpless passengers. As the cruise continues down the Mekong River, you just might learn that the jungle always gets the last laugh.

It’s a 10-minute, 10,000-mile journey that you won’t soon forget!

Jungle Cruise
Credit: Disney

5. “Disney Enchantment would be good if Happily Ever After never existed.”

Many Disney Park Guests have had strong opinions pertaining to the new firework spectacular Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom.

Is Disney Enchantment better than Happily Ever After? Most Guests would answer “no.”

However, one Disney Guest shares that they believe Disney Enchantment would be considered good, the sad part about the firework show is that it had to follow Happily Ever After. It’s certainly a fair point to make.

disney enchantment fireworks
Credit: Disney

@IcyChickenCat shared:

I overheard someone in EPCOT say “Disney Enchantment would be good if Happily Ever After didn’t exist” and I’ve never heard a truer statement in my life.

6. “Is Walt Disney’s full name ‘Walt Disney World’?”

Twitter user @OverhrdDisney shared that someone was asking on the Monorail about the “world” at the end of Walt Disney:

“Is Walt Disney’s full name Walt Disney World?” Overheard by Anonymous, Walt Disney World Monorail

Walt Disney’s full name is not Walt Disney World, in case you were wondering.

7. “Walt Disney is frozen and his body is hidden in this Park”

If you’ve read much about Disney World or Disneyland, you likely have heard the rumor at some point about Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen and hidden somewhere at the Disney Parks.

This rumor stems from a longstanding conspiracy theory that started years ago and has been passed down through generations at this point. Still today, you’ll hear people say they believe his body is hidden in the Partner’s Statue at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park or that it’s somewhere deep in the bowels of the Park.

Walt Disney at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

8. This elevator travels directly to…. “the gift shop.”

Sometimes it’s just the perfect line that comes at the perfect time.

In the preshow for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, one Disney Guest had the perfect completion to an iconic sentence.

Inside Tower of Terror: “In tonight’s episode, this elevator travels directly to….” Guest: “The gift shop.” 

I mean they’re not wrong #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld 

It certainly is true that once you finish your ride through the Twilight Zone, you do exit through the gift shop.

Disney’s official description of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror reads:

Next Stop: The 5th Dimension

Step uneasily inside the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel and find a dusty lobby frozen in time. Even the subdued hotel staff seems strangely out of another era. 

Suddenly a television set springs to life and Rod Serling welcomes you on a journey into the Twilight Zone. He reveals that on a gloomy Halloween night in 1939, some hotel patrons were riding the elevator when a violent storm struck the building… and they were never seen again. The hotel closed down and has stood empty ever since. 

tower of terror
Credit: Disney

9. “Do Cast Members sleep in the Park?”

You’d be surprised what kind of questions get asked by both adults and children in the Parks.

@OverhrdDisney shared:

“Do cast members sleep in the park?” Overheard by Anonymous, Magic Kingdom.

Believe it or not, Disney Cast Members do not sleep in the Parks.

10. “No, this is the one from Shrek” *while riding “it’s a small world”

One Disney Park Guest at Magic Kingdom shared a hilarious experience while riding “it’s a small world.”

The Guest says they heard a family talking about where the idea for “it’s a small world” came from and they ended up with the thought that it was from Shrek

Just as we previously mentioned, Shrek is a DreamWorks Animation property and the franchise previously had an attraction in Universal Studios Florida before it closed down this year. Shrek does parody “it’s a small world” in the original when dancing puppets sing a song about Duloc in the first movie.

Credit: Disney

11. “If either of you act a fool, all I have to do is click ‘Remove Guest’ on this here app

With Disney transitioning to more and more electronics, it seems that some parents have enjoyed getting the updates.

One Guest overheard a parent telling their children if they didn’t behave, they’d simply click “remove Guest” on the Disneyland app. If that happened, of course, the children would no longer be able to join reservations, including for Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

genie disney phone mobile
Credit: Disney

12. “Have you been on Escape from Gringotts? It’s like Tower of Terror.”

This next Disney Park Guest seems to have their theme parks in order, but they’re not quite accurate on their description of the ride.

Twitter account @skyhigh20002 shared:

#OverheardatDisney Guest 1: Have you been on Escape from Gringotts at Universal? Guest 2: No. Whats it like? Guest 1: It’s very similar to Tower of Terror

While the Guest is correct in saying Escape from Gringotts is at Universal, the description of the attraction being “very similar to Tower of Terror” doesn’t quite fit. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a drop-tower attraction. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts is a 4-D coaster.

Diagon Alley Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal

13. “I can’t find any rides!”

You’d be surprised how many Guests visit Disney for the first time and then talk about how they can’t find any rides. While the attractions are located throughout the Parks, it can be difficult to navigate for first-timers.

We recommend taking a look at the MyDisneyExperience app, which has a full map and can even show you your location. If that doesn’t work, speak with any Disney Cast Member and they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

mickey and minnie with sleeping beauty castle disneyland
Credit: Disney

14. “MISSION: Space is the ball”

Twitter user @hecsev shared:

“Mission Space is the ball” overheard at World Showcase- Epcot @OverhrdDisney

While they both have similar names, the icon in EPCOT is Spaceship Earth. MISSION: Space is an entirely different ride and depending on where the Guests ended up, they could’ve had a much different experience. MISSION: Space has been known for its intense nature and many Disney Park Guests report motion sickness after riding the attraction. Spaceship Earth, on the other hand, is very gentle and is a slow-riding attraction giving Guests a look through history and into the future, as well.

spaceship earth
Credit: Inside the Magic

15. “Donald’s going to look worse, he’s not wearing any pants.”

Twitter user @River1480 shared:


Guest 1: I am gonna look weird in this photo wearing long pants in this weather

Guest 2: Donald’s gonna look worse he’s not wearing pants. At Donald Duck meet and greet

The Guest might have been embarrassed by their outfit choice, but their friend was quick to remind them that Donald Duck wasn’t even wearing pants, so that should have made it okay.

donald duck
Credit: Disney

16. “I don’t understand how this line works.”

Twitter user @OverhrdDisney shared:

Guest: “I don’t understand how this line works!”

CM: “Ma’am, just move when the people in front of you move.” 

Overheard by Anonymous, Ferry to Magic Kingdom

At times there can be confusing parts of visiting Disney World or Disneyland, but the lines are typically straightforward. Just follow the party in front of you and you’ll end up where you want to be.

17. “Are we in a different country now?” “Yes, this is Europe.”

Twitter user @spookgolds shared:

just now, in the UK store. “Are we in a different country now? Yeah this is Europe”

There are many countries to visit when walking through the World Showcase at EPCOT. Europe, on the other hand, is a complex continent and not a country.

EPCOT’s World Showcase consists of 11 pavilions representing countries from around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. Of those, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Norway are all located in Europe.

Food and Beverage
Credit: Disney

18. “Is that Jack Sparrow?” *while in the preshow for Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

One Disney Park Guest recently shared that they overheard a Guest asking if they had seen Captain Jack Sparrow, the beloved character played by Johnny Depp, while visiting a Disneyland attraction.

But, this wasn’t Pirates of the Caribbean.

Instead, this was Hondo Ohnaka’s preshow in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disneyland.

While there might be a slight resemblance if you look from a distance, the two characters aren’t likely to be mistaken for one another very often.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
Credit: Disney

19. “That is definitely Splash Mountain!” *Pointing at Matterhorn Bobsleds*

Another Disney Guest overheard a discussion between family members looking for Splash Mountain. While they may have thought they found it, it seems they were looking at Matterhorn Bobsleds instead of Splash Mountain. Hopefully, after they enjoyed the thrill of racing through the Alps, they eventually found their way to sing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and get their splash on.

Disney’s official description of Splash Mountain reads:

A Hare-Raising Adventure

Hop inside a hollow log and float through a colorful bayou as you follow happy-go-lucky Br’er Rabbit to his “laughing place.” But be warned: Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox are in hot pursuit of this wayward hare. 

Glide past over 100 talking, singing, storytelling Audio-Animatronics critters who inhabit Splash Mountain and offer up their own slice of down-home culture. Sing along to classic Disney ditties, including “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” 

Then, brace yourself for the big finale—this musical cruise ends in a thrilling 5-story splashdown!

Disney has confirmed the attraction will be rethemed to Princess Tiana and Princess and the Frog, but a timeframe for the refresh has not been announced.

Splash Mountain
Credit: Disney

20. “This is where we leave Disney and enter Dollywood” *heading to Frontierland

Twitter user @OvhrdDisney shared:

“This is where we leave Disney and enter Dollywood.”

Overheard by Anonymous, Frontierland in Magic Kingdom.

If you’ve ever been to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you will notice some of the same theming in Park that you’ll see in Frontierland at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park. While it’s not exactly the same, the “country and frontier” themes can certainly be seen as similarities.

frontierland shootin exposition disneyland
Credit: Disney

21. To Disney Cast Member: “Can’t you do something about the rain?”

Disney World controls many aspects of operations at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT, but the weather is not one of them.

While many Disney Guests have heard people joking about Disney controlling the weather, you’d be surprised to learn that there are some who are serious. 

Unfortunately, however, Disney Cast Members cannot do anything about the rain. We suggest bringing a poncho and taking solace in the fact that most times, with Florida weather, the storm will be over real soon.

What hilarious conversations have you overheard while visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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