The oldest Plath daughter is now 22 years old and happily married

Kim and Barry Plath, who have nine children, are best known for sharing their family story on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. More recently, questions about who their oldest daughter is are coming up, so let’s meet her.

Hosanna Plath doesn’t appear on the reality TV show, and has moved out of the family home like her siblings Moriah, Ethan and Micah. The family’s other children are Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy, who live with their parents.

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Now 23 years old, Hosanna is happily living with her husband Timothy. Viewers are questioning who she is and what she’s up to since she decided to stop appearing on Welcome to Plathville. We’ve got it covered…

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Who is the oldest Plath daughter?

Hosanna Plath is the oldest daughter in the family, who turned 22 in August 2021. She has only appeared on Welcome to Plathville in very small cameos but said from the beginning that she didn’t want to be a main cast member.

She now lives in Ohio away from her parents. Lydia Plath mentioned that Hosanna still speaks to her off-screen, despite her choice not to appear on the TLC show. Hosanna works as a violinist for a living.

The Plath sibling released three solo albums before she met her husband. Hosanna was also previously a main star of her family band, and even earned a scholarship to study music in college but instead opted not to attend.

Instead, she learned through practice and playing, which her parents described as a “personal” one. Hosanna’s love for music became apparent when her mother began giving her music lessons at the age of five!

She’s happily married to her husband

Now known as Hosanna Noble, she tied the knot with her husband Timothy in June 2019. It is thought they have a child together, and now tour the country together as a full-time musical duo, with her beau as the singer and pianist.

They hold concerts at churches and other special events where they perform gospel and worship songs. It comes after they met in 2016 at the National Quartet Convention, a gospel music event held annually in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Together, they sell clothing on their online website, and offer churches the chance to book them in for a performance. Their website states: “God obviously brought this couple together and they are now traveling full-time.”

It also adds that Hosanna and Timothy also travel for work with other family members, doing concerts for churches, organizations and other special events.

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Four Plath children have moved out

Hosanna isn’t the only Plath sibling to up and leave the family home. Moriah, Kim and Barry’s eldest son Ethan, and his wife Olivia now live in Tampa, Florida, while their brother Micah is living it up in Los Angeles.

He added that there is “such a bigger variety of girls out here”, where he is trying to find work as an actor. Micah has been riding motorcycles, hiking and doing modelling photoshoots in LA.

When Moriah, Ethan, Max, and Olivia packed up the moving truck, Ethan FaceTimed with his brother. He shocked his family by revealing that he was living in Hollywood. Since then, he has expressed how he misses his family.



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