Riding a Modern Hardtail MTB down Blind Enduro Trails!

Welcome to back to another 2022 Street Pigeon MTB mountain biking vlog.

This video is all about riding a modern hardtail mtb on blind enduro trails. I’ve been the lucky owner of a Bird Forge for a few months now and it’s fair to say I have found the love for the enduro-capable hardtail. Modern hardtails really can ride anything.

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In this video we travelled to near Moffat to put the Bird Forge through it’s paces. We were riding the trails blind. Not only that, the trail conditions were pretty gnarly. The trails were dark, pretty steep and really slick. The tyres were filling with so much mud they wouldn’t even grip anymore. It was incredible.

Hopefully this video will be of interest to MTB enthusiasts, mountain bike riders, enduro riders and hardtail lovers alike. Modern hardtail MTBs are amazing.

If you are new to my videos then expect to see high quality riding vlogs shot in the same style as McTrail Rider, Paul the Punter and BKXC. I try to travel to the best MTB locations in Scotland finding you the best mountain biking trails.

The video was shot on a GoPro Hero 7 mounted on the chin of a Met Parachute helmet using a Gnartec mount.

Check out my ride on Strava.

I am supported by Bird Cycleworks. The bike being ridden is a Bird Forge.

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