Top 5 Unique Things to Do in Pigeon Forge You Can’t Miss

There are all kinds of unique things to do in Pigeon Forge you will want to try when you’re in town! From seeing animals to unusual attractions you won’t find anywhere else, you won’t want to miss out on these activities. Here are the top 5 unique things to do in Pigeon Forge you can’t miss:

1. Goats on the Roof

Goats on the Roof bldgGoats on the Roof is an attraction you won’t find anywhere else. It includes a mountain coaster where you can control your speed and enjoy your ride. Right next to the coaster is the Goats on the Roof store where you’ll find all kinds of candies, home goods, and souvenirs. The unique part of the attraction are the live goats! There are real goats that hang out on the roof of the building, and you can even purchase feed and watch it go along a conveyor belt to where the goats can reach it. People of all ages will enjoy seeing the goats and browsing through the store.

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2. Pigeon Forge Snow

A unique thing to do in Pigeon Forge is visit Pigeon Forge Snow. There’s not any other place like it! Even in the middle of summer, you can enjoy a snow day. There is a large play area covered in snow where you can make snow angels and just enjoy playing with your family and friends. Plus, you can snow tube! The building stays at a comfortable 70 degrees, so you won’t have to change what you’re wearing!

3. Rowdy Bear Ridge

inner tubeRowdy Bear Ridge is a pretty unique place to visit. You can go hill tubing at this attraction, which means you can ride an inner tube down a hill. The material the slide is made of simulates snow, so it feels like it’s sliding across snow. Rowdy Bear Ridge also has a laser gun coaster where you shoot targets as you ride to gain points.

4. Mountain Monster

The Mountain Monster is located at the Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge. It consists of three thrill rides. One of them is a drop ride where you ride to the top of a tower and then it drops you. This ride is called Monster Fall. Monster Launch is a ride where two people sit back to back and are launched 170 feet into the air. The big ride, known as the Monster Dive, takes you up a 200-foot tower to the top where you get in a dive cart. The platform underneath the cart moves out of the way, and then it tilts you to face the ground. The cart is released and makes you feel like you’re skydiving as you swing back and forth over a water feature.

5. Lumberjack Feud Adventure Park

lumberjack feud signAnother unique thing to do in Pigeon Forge is visit the Lumberjack Feud Adventure Park. This is a park that is connected to the Lumberjack Feud Show where you can watch lumberjacks compete in 13 different events. Before or after the show, you can go to the Adventure Park and climb on the ropes course. Logger Sports lets you try out some of the exciting events from the show, and the Flying Ox ride combines ziplining with a coaster. Plus, there are some free fall jumps you can do!

These unique things to do in Pigeon Forge are just some of the exciting activities you’ll want to try. For more ideas and coupons to save money, check out these other attractions in Pigeon Forge!

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