Top 6 Kiddie Rides at Dollywood Your Children Will Love

Dollywood is not only home to world-class shows, record-breaking roller coasters, and incredible thrill rides but also has an entire selection of rides designed just for the youngest kids in your family! These attractions are mild rather than wild so your children can have a blast without being scared of heights or high speeds. Here are the top 6 kiddie rides at Dollywood your children will love:

1. Lucky Ducky

lucky ducky dollywoodThe cutest kiddie ride at Dollywood just might be the Lucky Ducky, a circular ride where children can pick their own “duck” car! Each of the cars features a front and back seat, allowing plenty of room for parents or other siblings to ride along for the fun! The cars also have a steering wheel, where kids can feel like they are controlling the motion of the duck.

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2. Village Carousel

There is nothing like the nostalgia of a classic merry-go-round, so take your kids for a spin on the Village Carousel! You can choose from one of the 60 beautifully painted horses, including the lead horse lovingly referred to as “Dolly” due to its flowing blonde mane! Dollywood’s carousel creates a magical setting as calliope music fills the air, especially for parents taking kids on their very first carousel ride!

3. Busy Bees

busy beesYour children can buzz around the Country Fair section of Dollywood aboard the Busy Bees, an adorable attraction just for toddlers! As the “bumble bee” cars fly around a central beehive, they go up and down to add to all of the excitement. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture your kids having a blast on this cute ride!

4. Amazing Flying Elephants

Another one of the top kiddie rides at Dollywood your children will love is the Amazing Flying Elephants! After taking a seat in one of the cute “elephant” cars, your kids can take flight as they soar around in a circle! The seats are large enough to accommodate adults so you can sit right next to your child to hear their laughter and see the smiles on their face!

5. Piggy Parade

piggy paradeThe Piggy Parade offers your child the opportunity to ride around in their own “piggy” cars in a circle of fun! The centerpiece of the attraction is a larger-than-life scarecrow who keeps a watchful eye on all the action. The cars offer plenty of room for parents to ride along and enjoy the adventure!

6. Frogs and Fireflies

One of the newest kiddie rides at Dollywood is Frogs and Fireflies, where your children can climb onto the back of a friendly frog for a spinning circular adventure! The center of the ride features a clump of tall grass that is home to flickering fireflies, which is just out of reach of the frogs. As the frogs race around to an energetic bluegrass tune, both the riders and their frogs bounce up and down as they attempt to catch the fireflies!

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