WonderWorks Pigeon Forge Family Fun (4K)

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains area was a lot of fun & laughs! Take a look at what rides and attractions they had when we visited in July 2019! Earthquake Cafe is an earthquake simulator that even had its own menu, including “Hypocenter Hot Wings” and “Chocolate Landslide Mud Pie”, lol.

The Xtreme 360 Bike, Astronaut Training Challenge Ride, and the virtual Wonder Coaster looked really intense but a lot of fun. There were also a fun space themed area where kids can go inside an actual size space rocket capsule and space suit.

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Follow Pigeon Forge News on Google News

There were also a lot of fun, interactive games with some relying on agility while others on strength. You can step on a giant piano, or check out a cool “Dig It” interactive sandbox with creatures projected inside. The Bed of Nails looked scary, but it actually felt good.

Finally the Gallery of Wonders offered many illusions and fun facts. There was also a bathroom encased in a Smart Glass there- very interesting.

We definitely had a lot of fun at Wonder Works and highly recommend it to families looking for a fun way to spend half a day in Pigeon Forge!

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