Five Charged as New Bedford Police Seize Three Guns

New Bedford Police removed three illegal guns off the streets in two days this week and five New Bedford men were charged as a result.

On Wednesday, July 27, a traffic stop conducted on Cedar Street led to the arrest of Nathan Almeida, 44. Police said a search of his vehicle turned up a 9mm Taurus firearm loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition, as well as two plastic bags of cocaine and a digital scale. Detective Timothy Soares was the investigating officer.

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According to police, Almeida has an extensive criminal history with previous convictions for armed robbery, carjacking, and assault and battery, among other crimes. He now faces charges of possession to distribute a Class B drug and possession of carrying a loaded large capacity firearm without a license.

Later on Wednesday, a traffic stop led to the arrest of Luis Miguel Morais Martins, 21, who was found in possession by arresting officer Jacob Oliveira of a .45-caliber Ruger handgun without a license.

On Thursday, July 28, Det. Samuel Algarin-Mojica arrested three men after gang unit detectives responded to a reported fight at the intersection of Tallman Street and Ashley Boulevard with a firearm said to be involved.

One man – later identified as Camron Macklin, 18 – fled the scene as police arrived but was apprehended and found in possession of a loaded 9mm firearm. He was placed under arrest and charged with the firearm, as well as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Further investigation led to people charging Kyle Daniels, 18, and Luis Rafael Garcia, 19, with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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