PF gets first privately built pedestrian bridge | News

PIGEON FORGE — The Holiday Inn & Suites celebrated its second anniversary Thursday by officially opening a pedestrian bridge on its property that connects walkers from the Parkway over the Little Pigeon River to reach the city’s greenway and the LeConte Events Center.

Mahavir Patel said he and his family were working on plans for the hotel a few years ago when they saw an article where Mayor David Wear was talking about initiatives to promote connectivity and walkability in the city.

“(His father) Bobby had the bright idea of saying let’s put a bridge there and at first we all laughed and said that’s crazy but we thought about it and we worked through it,” he said.

The bridge, located behind the hotel, gives their guests as well as other pedestrians a way to walk over to the LeConte Events Center as well as to The Island, or the city’s greenway.

The city’s greenway runs along the north side of the Little Pigeon River before crossing under the Parkway to reach the community center.

The pedestrian bridge gives walkers a way to cross from the Parkway to the greenway without going to Jake Thomas Boulevard or the Island Drive.

It’s the first privately funded pedestrian bridge for Pigeon Forge, and City Manager Earlene Teaster said they hope to see more.

“This is a very big day for the City of Pigeon Forge,” Earlene Taster said. “We really hope to see these bridges built very similar to this.”

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